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Get full observability over users' issues and
start resolving bugs right away.

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Streamline user issues to the team

Inconsistent and incomplete bug reports wastes valuable time and resources.
We save you from the "back-and-forths" between your Support and RnD teams.

The Old Way

With Quack

Seamless Integration

Our Web SDK is a seamless way to track and report users issues without installing any extra extensions or signing up.
Install it on your internal or production apps and save your team's time.

Get all the context your team needs

Quack is a tool made by developers, for developers.
Enriched bug reports with video recording, and technical logs so your Engineering teams can debug and fix bugs faster.

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Integrate to your workflow

Quack automate the entire bug reporting flow for your team.

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Quack is built to help you fix bugs faster.

Get all the context you need and save time and money.

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Seamless integration to the tools you already use

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